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  1. Goin’ To Mississippi, by Magic Slim. Mississippi, USA. (Pete)
  2. Sweet Melissa, by Chris Juergensen. Japan. (Rowley)
  3. Childhood Soul, by The Moondogs Blues Party. Coruña, Spain. (Grumbler)
  4. Anytime You Want, by Sean Costello. Atlanta, Georgia, USA. (Pete)
  5. Black and Tan, by Ken Tucker and James Swafford. Tucson, Arizona. (Pete)
  6. Gateway, by Beeblebrox. Bloomington, Indianapolis. (Rowley)
  7. Hot Blues, by Vicente Muñoz. Albacete, Spain. (Grumbler)
  8. Sweet Home New Orleans, by Phillip Walker. Louisiana. (Pete)
  9. Yakity Song, by The Krayolas. San Antonio, Texas, USA. (Pete)
  10. Bottom Of The World, by Tom Waits. California, USA. (Rowley)
  11. Please Don’T Hate Me, by Lay Low. Reykjavik, Iceland. (Grumbler)
  12. Man Like You, by Anouschka. Berlin, Germany. (Pete).

Bed Music was “Lonely Dog Blues”, by Tobin James.

All the artists featured on this podcast have had permission given for me to play their work.

This podcast is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike2.5 License.