Feedburner + Google = FAIL

Once again, I’m really p*ssed off with the way in which Google have broken Feedburner. Currently the main feed for The Dub Zone is missing without leave! It’s all down to the way in which Google, the new owner of Feedburner, have insisted in changing the way the feeds operate.

Today I tried to create a new feed for The Dub Step Zone, and it got really confused with the old one, so I deleted them both and tried to start again (I’ve done this before).

This time, it seems the old feed is somehow reserved. I can’t access it, and I can’t recreate it, so if you want some new Dub Zone content then I recommend you use the following feed until someone from the Google "self help" group helps me out.


Now what happened to real people with real support? Grrrrrr!