It’s two years since I started The Dub Zone" and so the latest episode #52, is a 2 hour, 27 track monster mix of the best dub from the last year… Irie!

  1. Conscious Version, by Lion Of Joppa Soundsystem
  2. Islamatronic Cantilliation, by The Orientalist
  3. Joy, by Roots Fire System
  4. Babylon Dub, by Don Fe
  5. Om Tat Sat, by Vedasara Das
  6. Horn And The Chalice, by Earlyw~rm
  7. Light & Thunder, by Guitoud
  8. Gimme Gimme Gwan Dub After Midnight, by Fried Wire
  9. Balkan Dub, by Planet_Dread
  10. Haq ul Yaqin Truth of Certainty, by Celt Islam Sound System
  11. Jazz Dub, by D.U.B. Works
  12. Cooleys Reel, by Alionsonny
  13. Waka Version, by Hechoamano
  14. Acting Dub, by Dubamix
  15. Chorus, by Frostafari
  16. Captain Pugwash A Sea Shanty In Dub, by King T
  17. Killing Dub, by Dubmatix
  18. Durban Dub, by Ital Roots Players
  19. Argyzum, by Dub Division
  20. Sunday Dub, by MakaRon
  21. Magnetic Earth, by DubRifles
  22. Sardinia Bass Legalize, by Sardinia Bass Legalize
  23. Stay Focuz Riddim, by DoobieSounds
  24. DJungle (Living Soul Redux), by Burning Babylon
  25. Dub Violator, by Dubcall
  26. Rude And Reckless (Manwel T Mix), by The Slackers
  27. Artibella Dub, by Solomon808