Berlin’s Dub One! returns with a varied and genre-bending new solo EP on the iD.EOLOGY label.

The EP opens with some jittery twitches, and transitions into a skanking good groove called “Massive Dub Job”, before settling into a slower, trip-hoppy “Yoni Yogi Dub” that leaves you completely relaxed, like any good massage. Track three is an excellent spacey remix of Jambassa’s “Them Never Love The Flowers” which leads into a flamenco and piano spiced “Salsa In Dub”. The EP ends with “Soundbwoys Shot”, which is like an audioscape of the city at night, infused with swirling brass notes and the sound of an accordion drifting on the breeze.

It’s clear that Dub One! is exploring jazz, jazz-rock and funk in this release, as well as the dub and trip-hop that you get with his early releases in conjunction with Authist. He says “this e.p. will not only stimulate your loins and brains but also affect your hearts and souls, it will in fact be just as fulfilling and satisfying as good sex. Aural sex, that is.” Will it give you a happy ending?  You bet!

[wpaudio url=”!-massive_dub_job_(rubber_mix).mp3″ text=”dub One – Massive Dub Job (Rubber Mix)”]


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