Returning with his first release of 2011, Stefan “Kosmonaut” Mader, brings us his new “Liquid Drum & Bass” EP, Utopia, out now on Id.Eology.

It’s no coincidence that the artwork is of a spaceship, as there’s a “spacey” feel to this EP with long atmospheric harmonics forming the backdrop to all the tracks. The EP opens with “Atmospheric Flower”, a smooth, dreamy, piece, which starts slowly and develops a nice DnB groove, starting your journey of Kosmonaut’s utopian vision. ”Sky at 7″ is not a DnB piece, but retains that spacey feel and a slower, funkier bassline and his signature audio clips. ”These Wings” is a slower piece that is still held together by driving beats and bleeps. ”Flying To You” dispenses with any up-front beat and just administers a lush space-age cocktail between your ears. ”Youth273″ starts delicately with synthesized human voice samples, before giving us a solid DnB groove on which layers of atmospheric sound are built.

Utopia is more of a classic DnB collection than Kosmonaut’s last EP, the much more dubstep-oriented “Photon“, but there’s no mistaking its creator.  Close your eyes and imagine taking a high-speed inter-planetary ride to the edges of the solar system and back. This EP gives you the soundtrack.

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Deep Link To: [iD.066] Release Page