This is the long awaited third compilation album from Fresh Poulp.  13 new artists from 7 different countries (Malta, Italy, UK, Poland, Canada, Croatia & France), and featuring dark dub, dubstep, electro dub and steppa dub. Most of these are new and exclusive tracks.

Drydeck’s “Black Sand” opens with some very dark dub sounds, which leads into some lovely wobbly bass-infused dubstep provided by Waitapu, with a track called “Truckin”. Secret Archives of the Vatican make their debut on Fresh Poulp with the excellent growling bassline of “Friendly Artificial Intelligence”.

Lightening the mood slightly we have the harmonica-led “Don Dub” by Minds’s Eye Dub, leading into the Steve Steppa-led vocal tune “Holy Mount Zion” from Ackboo. Then we have “Darker, Stronger, Dubber” from Mahom leading into “Duballah” by A Man Called PJ and “Babylon Lamb” from Injham. All great dub tracks in their own right.

Sushidread gives us some east-meets-west dubbiness with “Rise” which leads into “Western” by Nomatx Bass Drive.  Earlyworm’s “My Girl Clone” is the only track I’ve heard before (from Reggaedubwise), apart from an early mix of the SAotV track.

Jah Billah meets up with Pupa Congo to give us “In Ruff A Dubb” which blurs the boundaries between dub and dubstep, before chilling with final track “Praises” from Roots Revival Soundsystem.

Fresh Poulp have the knack of curating and releasing high quality dub albums, and “Dub Tentacles III” is no exception.  A must for all dub lovers, and fuel for my Dub Zone Podcast in the coming weeks!

[wpaudio url=”″ text=”Mind’s Eye Dub – Don Dub”]


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