I know some of you have experienced less than excellent response from my websites petecogle.com and angeldustrecords.com over the past few weeks.  I have noticed this and have been trying to improve the performance with a number of cacheing, minify, and a variety of other tools, with some limited success.  However the fact remains the site is unusable around the time the US wakes up.  As a significant proportion of my listeners are in the US, this is just not good enough, and who wants to download albums from a netlabel who’s website does not respond?

So it’s out with the old (GoDaddy) and in with the new (uk2.net). I shall be using the Christmas/New Year season to build up new sites at the new location and then migrate the domains over.  As ever, I hope this will be a seemless transition, but you just never can tell what might happen.

Is there anything you’d particularly like to see/don’t want to see, at the new site?  Wish me luck!  pete.cogle@gmail.com.