The Best of 2014… with tracks by…Electric Eye, The Beggars, The Yalla Yallas, Mess, Wreck, Dirty Primitives, The Dark Colours Since 1685, Railkid Station, Wieze Fabryk, Barbarossa, Highs, Mastermind XS, The New Mastersounds, Brown Rice Family, Dubmatix, Taj Weekes & Adowa, Hollie Cook, Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad, Pellatronica,Steinregen Dubsystem, Downbeatdb,  Beats Antique, Dub Kirtan All Stars,  Zebbler Encanti Experience, Finnian, Muerte, Trilingo, Numa Crew, Taiwan MC,The Drumkilla, Neuroleptic Trio, ShoKKPoynT, Mischa Kreis, Vök, Tove Lo,  Las Kumbia Queers, Jalilah Raks Sharki, Damscray, Namgar,  Dudu Tassa & the Kuwaitis, Secret Archives of the Vatican, Hassan Hakmoun, ICHI, HabibKoite, Badala Foly, Soraya Ksontini, Sound Menagerie, Cocek  Brass Band, Jaro Milko & The Cubalkanics, Swing Ninjas, Swingrowers, Lush , Ze Mateo.

PCP#476... The Best of 2014.....
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  1. 6 am, by Electric Eye. Bergen, Norway. [Musebox]
  2. FRK (Make Up & Dancing Shoes), by The Beggars. Detroit, USA. [StoryAmp]
  3. Retaliation, by The Yalla Yallas. Leeds, England. [Artists Against Apartheid]
  4. Post Party Morning, by Mess. Moscow, Russia. [Southern City’s Lab]
  5. Tanpatuan, by Wreck. Bandung, Indonesia. [YesNoWave]
  6. My House, by Dirty Primitives. Lille, France.
  7. Midnight Train, by The Dark Colours Since 1685. Madrid, Spain. [Bandcamp]
  8. Right and Useless, by Railkid Station. Minsk,Belarus. [South City’s Lab]
  9. Front, by Wieze Fabryk. Loidz, Poland. [Zorch Factory Records]
  10. Turbine, by Barbarossa. London, England. [Viaduct Promotions]
  11. Still & Still, by Highs. Ontario, Canada. [Audio Blood]
  12. The Lost Smile, by Mastermind XS. Saarbrucken, Germany. [Soundcloud]
  13. Old Man Noises, by The New Mastersounds. Leeds, England. [StoryAmp]
  14. Latin Goes Ska, by Brown Rice Family. Brooklyn, USA. [StoryAmp]
  15. Don’t Pressurize Me, by Dubmatix. Ontario, Canada.
  16. Peace and Love, by Taj Weekes & Adowa.  Saint Lucia.[RPS]
  17. Ari Up, by Hollie Cook. Brighton, England.
  18. Move, by Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad. Rochester, USA / Malta.
  19. Menina Da Sera Recycled, by Pellatronica/Steinregen Dubsystem. Freiburg, Germany. [LCL] [FMA]
  20. Livity, by Downbeatdb. Mendoza, Argentina.  [Bandcamp]
  21. Puzzle, by Beats Antique. Oakland, California. [Bandcamp]
  22. Radhe Govinda feat. Chaytanya, by Dub Kirtan All Stars. Los Angeles, USA. [StoryAmp]
  23. Immediacy (ft. Ganavya), by Zebbler Encanti Experience. Boston, United States. [Gravitas]
  24. Mazel (v2), by Finnian. Vienna, Austria. [Ringe Raja Records]
  25. Mentalekeimbildung (feat. Muerte), by Trilingo. Munster, Germany. [Diversified]
  26. Roll It Up (Numa Crew remix), by Taiwan MC. Paris, France. [Chinese Man Records]
  27. Frozen Light, by The Drumkilla. Russia. [Geometry Recordings]
  28. AntigonaIsmene Variations 2, by Neuroleptic Trio. Subotica, Serbia. [FMA]
  29. Fountain Of Youth, by ShoKKPoynT. USA.[Bandcamp]
  30. Vladimir Poo, by Mischa Kreis. Russia. [Russian Techno]
  31. Vid Vökum, by Vök. Iceland. [Musebox]
  32. Habits, by Tove Lo. Stockholm, Sweden.
  33. Kumba Punk, by Las Kumbia Queers. Buenos Airies, Argentina. [RPS]
  34. Tales Of The Sahara, by Jalilah Raks Sharki. Egypt, Canada. [StoryAmp]
  35. Twist & Science, by Damscray. Orenburg, Russia. [Human Workshop]
  36. Khadadaa, by Namgar. [Globalfest] [RPS]
  37. Lo Thareeb Ana Wethroch, by Dudu Tassa & the Kuwaitis. Iraq/Israel. [RPS]
  38. Fables of Bidpai, by Secret Archives of the Vatican. The Cronx, England. [Broken Drum Records]
  39. Zidokan (Just Go), by Hassan Hakmoun. Marrakesh, Morocco. [RPS]
  40. Go Gagambo, by ICHI Bristol, England. [Viaduct Promotions]
  41. Diarabi Niani, by HabibKoite. Senegal.[RPS]
  42. Badala, by Badala Foly. Lille, France
  43. Woody & Me, by Soraya Ksontini. [Swiss Music Export]
  44. Stay With Me, by Sound Menagerie. Cambridge, England. [StoryAmp]
  45. Here Comes Shlomo, by Cocek  Brass Band. USA. [StoryAmp]
  46. Belly’s Bounce, by Jaro Milko & The Cubalkanics. Basel, Switzerland.[StoryAmp]
  47. Primate Shake, by Swing Ninjas. Brighton, England. [Speakeasy Electro Swing]
  48. Via Con Me, by Swingrowers. Palermo, Italy.  [Freshly Squeezed]
  49. Hova (feat. Lush One), by Ze Mateo. France. [Chinese Man Records]

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