In this final PCP, all the tracks are from one band, The Secret Archives of the Vatican. Based in The Cronx (Croydon), south of London, this collective of musicians is led by Vince Millet and Louis Counter. They met via a web forum and have been working together for over 15 years. Their music is unlike anyone else I’ve ever encountered (which is a good thing!). I’d like the lasting memory of PCP and the first thing people to listen to (the last show in the feed) to be from “The Archives Massive”……

  1. The Coming of Shadows, from War on Terra (2012).
  2. Isa Al Hamid, from Babylon Halt (1998-2008).
  3. Foundation and Empire, from The Glidepath EP (2010).
  4. West of Eden, from Barbary Lion (2011).
  5. The Tale of Attaf, from Storytellers (2014).
  6. Bint al Wazir, from Dreams and Visions (2010).
  7. Red Plum Storm, from Storms (2013).
  8. The Vale of the Seven Dances, from Storytellers (2014)..
  9. Summer Lightning, from Barbary Lion (2011).
  10. Remembering Machine, from Remembering Machine (2009).
  11. Cardamom Storm (Misir Çarsisi Remix) (hidden track) from Storms (2013).
  12. Book Of Clouds And Rain, from Babylon Halt (1998-2008).
  13. Horse Warrior, from Panjandrum  (2012).
  14. A Bruised Reed (Andy Kisaragi remix), from Wisdom Truth EP (2010).
  15. Koozebanian Attack Fleet, from War on Terra (2012).

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