PCP#843… Agents Of Change… The Great Escape 2024 (Part 1)… with tracks and conversation from… The Bouys, Mark Davyd, Gut Health, Toni Coe-Brooker, Fez, Hutch, Sahra Halgan, Angelica Garcia, Full Flower Moon Band, Baby Said.

  1. The Bouys – Gold [Australia] [Komedia Basement]
  2. Mark Davyd  [Music Venue Trust] [Fabrica]
  3. Gut Health – The Recipe [Australia] [Komedia Basement]
  4. Toni Coe-Brooker [Music Venue Trust] [Fabrica]
  5. Fez – The Eulogy  [Dalton’s] [London]
  6. Hutch – Ice On The Lake [Dalton’s] [Brighton]
  7. Sahra Halgan – Sharaf   [Dalton’s] [Somaliland]
  8. Angelica Garcia – Color De Dolor [Spain] [Komedia Basement]
  9. Full Flower Moon Band – Devil [Australia] [The Hope and Ruin]
  10. Baby Said – Fight [London] [The Prince Albert]

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