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Dark Compass 1000

Dark Compass is the longest running Music Podcast in the UK and today Ro is celebrating his 1,000th episode. Go and have a listen people!


Download from

Part One, broadcast on Hard Rock Hell Radio 12th February 2021

  1. Stony Sleep – Khartoum 0:00
  2. Junius – Betray The Grave 5:47
  3. The Joy Formidable – Austere 10:11
  4. Wolves Like Us– Deathless 15:37
  5. Illuminatus – Wargasm 18:13
  6. House of Hamill – Heart Shaped Box 23:29
  7. Honningbarna – dødtid 27:50
  8. Kvelertak – Kvelertak 33:50
  9. Fozzy – Judas 37:32
  10. Cellar Darling – The Prophets Song 43:24
  11. Cubic Space Division – X-Axis 51:07
  12. Stark Effect – Bunny Rabbit, Satan, Cheese and Milk 59:43

Part Two, the extended bit.

  1. Kill Dorothy – Crazy Like Me 1:02:02
  2. Daniel Land & The Modern Painters – Within the Boundaries 1:07:53
  3. Our Lunar Activities – It Comes in Waves 1:15:17
  4. Ventenner – Anamnesis 1:23:31
  5. Cold in Berlin – The Bell 1:27:48
  6. Smoke Fairies – She Sells Sanctuary 1:34:35
  7. Chance– Man on A Mission 1:38:33
  8. Artemis – Sync of Swim 1:44:49
  9. Jade Leary – Fossildawn 1:50:38
  10. My Toys Like Me – Bats 1:57:24
  11. School of Seven Bells – My Cabal 2:06:18
  12. Tweaker – Linoleum (Feat. David Sylvian) 2:13:56
  13. Public Service Broadcasting – New Dimension in Sound 2:18:26
  14. The Steals – All Coming Back 2:22:25
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Yaybahar by Görkem Şen

Yaybahar by Görkem Şen from Olgu Demir on Vimeo. Creative Commons License: by-nc-nd

I saw this online and was amazed by this crazy instrument.

Yaybahar is an electric-free, totally acoustic instrument designed by Gorkem Sen. The vibrations from the strings are transmitted via the coiled springs to the frame drums. These vibrations are turned into sound by the membranes which echo back and forth on the coiled springs. This results in an unique listening experience with an hypnotic surround sound.

What you hear in this performance is captured in realtime without any additional effects and with no post audio processing.

For contact:


Instrument: Yaybahar
Performence: Görkem Şen
Video: Levent Bozkurt
Video Editing: Olgu Demir
Sound Mix: Mert Aksuna
Place: Alişler Yurdu


Yaybahar by Görkem Şen2018-04-20T12:44:49+00:00

Taking a break for a while

Time for a break I’m taking a break from the podcasts for a while. There’s a lot of stuff going on here at Podcasting Towers and I need time to focus on non-podcasting things.

Back soon, OK?


Taking a break for a while2018-04-20T12:44:49+00:00

Mevio finally goes dark

It was on January 2012 that the warning bell started sounding that all was not well at Mevio. Yesterday I got a final email telling me that was finally shutting down on the 16th April. Hardly a surprise. What took them so long?

In a week when the BBC was reminiscing about the first 10 years of podcasting, including interviews with Adam Curry, it seems rather ironic this is the week his creation is about to close.

Mevio divided the idealists and rewarded a few. It had high hopes and desperate lows.  It was inspiring and then it was disappointing. At least it tried to be different, and I enjoyed being part of the team for a while.


Mevio finally goes dark2022-11-20T11:09:43+00:00

How To Be A Podcaster

It’s been a long time since I tuned into a really NEW podcast. Some podcasters have found that setting up a podcast can be stressful, and requires time and money. Well hopefully with a little advice you may want to start your own. When I started in January 2006 I thought I might be able to keep it up for a few months. Well that was over 7 years and there’s no stopping me yet!

Of course, my speciality is music, but there are hundreds of different podcasts out there, that cover various topics including education, business, sports, entertainment, as well as music. Consider poker, for example. You may be a huge poker fan and you usually spend a lot of time researching online for the latest news and updates on your favorite players. To save you some time, you can now subscribe to poker-related podcast such as The Poker Show with Jesse May.

The Poker ShowThis live show is sponsored by partypoker and features discussions, debates, and interviews with some of the best online poker players today including Phil Ivey and Phil Hellmuth. Listening to some tips and advice from the pros can help you improve your game. Of course, it is also important to play all the time so you can learn new strategies and practice what you have learned. Luckily most of the internet poker providers nowadays offer non-stop poker action so you can play anytime you want.


If you are only interested in music, then subscribing to leading music podcast such as The Hype Machine Radio Podcast, as well as my own podcasts: PC Podcast, The Dub Zone, The Dub Step Zone and The Hip Hop Zone can keep you updated with the latest songs and albums.

My Podcasts

But what if you want to take the next level and become a podcaster? Then, let me give you some tips on how you set up your own podcast for free:

Produce Your Podcast
Before you open an account at a free podcast hosting site like PodOmatic and, start producing your content, since that usually takes a lot of time. Choose what topic to talk about or record the music that you are planning to share to your listeners. You can use any sound recording software like GarageBand and Audacity to create a podcast. Make sure to include intro and closing remarks in each podcast.Above all be passionate! Don’t worry about mistakes and mispronunciation. People like podcasts and podcasters because they are real, not over-rehearsed and sickly smooth.

Make a Podcast Account
After producing several audio contents, you can now look for the perfect podcast hosting site. It is best to start with a free account and there are now many choices online including Podbean, which is user-friendly as well.


There are three easy steps to podcasting with Podbean: record, publish, and share (via Facebook, Twitter, or iTunes). One of the most popular podcast hosting sites nowadays is Soundcloud, which you can also use for free, but there are limitations to your usage.

Post Show on iTunes
Since not all podcasting hosts have an option where you can share your shows via iTunes then you have to do it manually. Just go to iTunes Store then click on podcast where you will see a menu column in the top right-hand corner. Click “submit a podcast” then you can now share the URL of your podcast feed. Now you are officially a podcaster. The rest is history: history of your own chosing!

Whatever you do, please drop me an email and tell me about your new podcast!

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Tom Hoyle’s Photo Marathon

Tom Hoyle, listener to The Dub Step Zone, and amazing photographer has just completed a 366 day photographic marathon. He created and posted a photograph every day for the past year. It’s sometimes been a struggle, as anyone who’s ever tried a long-term challenge will tell you, but the results are awesome.

Big credit to Tom for completing it.  Go and checkout his album on Google+. You’ll even see “Bass Face” the photograph he gifted me for DSZ#49.

Tom Hoyle’s Photo Marathon2018-04-20T12:45:34+00:00

The YouTube Zone

One of the strong recommendations from The Great Escape conference sessions last week was that music podcasts should be uploaded to YouTube, because it’s the second biggest search engine, after Google.  So I’m experimenting with a couple of episodes of DSZ, TDZ and H2Z.  Check them out and please tell me what you think!

The YouTube Zone2016-10-14T09:27:01+00:00

Nordic Giants On The March

Checkout this video from Bighton-based duo, Nordic Giants. I saw them at The Great Escape Festival and I want to see them again soon.  The video tells a bit of the band’s story, but you really need to see them live to fully appreciate the concept.

Nordic Giants On The March2016-10-14T09:27:01+00:00

European Podcast Award 2011: Let the judging begin!

Important day today. Got my login details as a Judge for the European Podcast Awards for 2011.  As winner of the “Personality” section for 2010, I know how this can affect the impact your podcast makes. I have to do this right.

I have 16 podcasts to listen to (4 shortlisted in each category of Personality, Business, Non-Profit and Professional) and make my recommendations, along with the other judges from such places as soundcloud and audioboo, as well as other podcasters.

Wish me luck!

European Podcast Award 2011: Let the judging begin!2018-04-20T12:45:50+00:00

My Top Albums Of 2011

There were some amazing albums released in 2011, but here are the top 10 of my favourites for the year. If you want to hear some of the tracks then checkout the podcasts over the year. Checkout the links and pick up this great music!

1. Racing With The Sun, by Chinese Man.

2. Barbary Lion, by Secret Archives of the Vatican.

3. Artists Against Apartheid vol1, by Various Artists.

4. Octopus IV Azekka, by Various Artists.

5. Blow Dubs (EP), by Dub One!

6. Remembrence Dubs, by Mikus.

7. Only In Dreams, by Dum Dum Girls.

8. Renegade Remixes , by Dubmatix meets Nate Wize.

9. Ernest, by Volfoniq.

10. Dust Particles, Volume One, by Various Artists.

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Moving Hosting

I know some of you have experienced less than excellent response from my websites and over the past few weeks.  I have noticed this and have been trying to improve the performance with a number of cacheing, minify, and a variety of other tools, with some limited success.  However the fact remains the site is unusable around the time the US wakes up.  As a significant proportion of my listeners are in the US, this is just not good enough, and who wants to download albums from a netlabel who’s website does not respond?

So it’s out with the old (GoDaddy) and in with the new ( I shall be using the Christmas/New Year season to build up new sites at the new location and then migrate the domains over.  As ever, I hope this will be a seemless transition, but you just never can tell what might happen.

Is there anything you’d particularly like to see/don’t want to see, at the new site?  Wish me luck!

Moving Hosting2018-04-20T12:45:52+00:00

Made in The UK 131 – 4th Aniversary Show

Made in The UK is now 4 years old. In celebration Rowley talked to the current collaborators and got them to chose a track they liked that was played by another host on MIUK.  Three other hosts liked tracks I’d played on the show, so have a listen…..

The Clockwork Quartet: The Doctors Wife, London
Heifervescent: Figure 8, Stockport
The Pocket Gods: This is now, St Albans
Orkestra Del Sol: This is Honkstep, Edinburgh
Matt Stevens: Ghost, London
Jon Gomm: Passionflower, Leeds
The Vaselines: Sex With An Ex, Glasgow
In Isolation: Virus, Nottingham
Strait Laces: Where The Wolf Roam, Belfast

MIUK will be taking a break until the new year, see you then.

Made in The UK 131 – 4th Aniversary Show2018-04-20T12:45:53+00:00


I’m not American, but the UK government does have the nasty habit of repeating the same mistakes as the US.  Blocking sites on the internet is against freedom. It’s the sort of thing that “repressive” regimes do.

Remember the Arab spring, when it was “oppressive” to shut down the mobile phone networks, when protesters vented their rage in Egypt? Remember the British MPs who advocated the Blackberry messaging network should be shut down during the UK riots in August?Do they know what duplicity means?

Freedom of speech is a given requirement of democracy. Shutting down access to sites is just another form of Orwellian doublethink. If you can, do something. Go to and tell them to stop.


SOPA2018-04-20T12:45:53+00:00 – In Dub We Trust!

One of my listeners contacted me yesterday to tell me of a new website he thought I might be interested in:  It’s a virtual party based in which you can listen to DJs, become a DJ yourself or share the decks with your friends.

Having listened to a few people DJ in Second Life I was quite interested, but it’s the collaborative aspect that makes this much cooler, plus there’s no need to use a costly server (such as shoutcast or the like) as all the tracks are uploaded in advance and played from the site directly.

There’s also a chat room, the opportunity to pimp your avatar and the ability to send someone a virtual drink. Needless to say I think this is very cool.

So, why not head down to the “In Dub We Trust” room (setup by RussDaFari, my listener, based on the East Coast of the US) and checkout our dubs, join in and enjoy the party.  You’ll find me hiding under the DJ pseudonym “Audacious P Dubdaddy – In Dub We Trust!2018-04-20T12:46:03+00:00

Delhi 2 Dubland EP

I downloaded this curious mix of Irish, Bhangra & Reggae beats from bandcamp yesterday, thanks to a recommendation from Dubmatix. It’s awesome, and for £3 (that’s CAD$5, US$4.75 or EUR 3.56) it’s a steal!

Delhi 2 Dubland EP2011-10-01T13:44:17+00:00

Chairman of the bored?

A colleague at work just sent me a link to Scott Adams’ latest post entitled “The Heady Thrill of Having Nothing to Do“.  Dilbert always seems to be experiencing the same insanity at work as I experience, so  it’s hardly surprising this article from Dilbert’s creator has got me thinking.

Adams comments that “experts say our brains need boredom so we can process thoughts and be creative”.  Well, it was certainly boredom at work that inspired me to create my first podcast, way back in January 2006, and again just last month to launch my own netlabel.   But am I actually getting enough boredom?

I mostly work from home.  It makes sense, because most of the people I work with are based in the US, Germany, Finland, India, or even Singapore. What’s the point in driving 62 miles (each way) to sit with people I rarely work with, when I can commute to my home office in 30 seconds.  I still go into the office about once per week, for some face-to-face conversation, some mutual piss-taking and the occasional meeting, but that’s all.  Oh and breakfast. Don’t forget the appeal of a “Full English”.

Whilst this is great for the work/life balance and all, I wonder if I’m actually missing something.  I used to listen to way more podcasts when I drove the 70+ miles (each way) each day to my previous job, and now I don’t find quite so much time to indulge. There’s something about travelling the same stretch of those monotonous motorways day-in, day-out, that gives you time to contemplate another person’s poiunt of view: either musically, politically or emotionally. It was boring.

That said, I do tend to jack-in to the iPod when I take my evening constitutional walk around the village.  And no, I’m not hyped up on the “sickest” dubstep beats when I’m cruising down the high street: I’m probably catching up with The Archers.

But is that a sensible thing to do? Adams goes on to talk about fast-forwarding through his favourite TV programs, checking his email when he’s waiting in a queue, or making sure he’s blogging about blogs (D’Oh, just like I’m doing here). He’s filling up his day with stuff my making sure he’s not listening or watching other stuff.  I’m just the same.

So, when was the last time I just did nothing?  Without falling asleep that is. I’m pretty good at falling asleep when I’m doing nothing. I guess it was a long time ago.

This evening I shall not be doing stuff. I shall not be reading my emails. I shall not be checking the feeds to see if there’s a new release from one of my favourite netlabels. Instead I shall take a walk without my iPod and I shall look and listen to this amazing planet.

Who knows: I maye even get bored!

Chairman of the bored?2018-04-20T12:46:07+00:00

Voting is Open for the Euopean Podcast Awards 2011

The European Podcast Awards have just opened for nominations and voting for 2011. As you know, I was the “Personality” winner in 2010, but I cannot take part in the 2011 awards.  No matter, because there are lots of excellent podcasts out there, just waiting to be voted for. Go here to the European Podcast Award website and vote for your favourites.

So if you like a podcast (or several) go along and vote (you can vote every day). If the podcast you like is not available for voting then give the podcaster a nudge and get them to register!

Voting is Open for the Euopean Podcast Awards 20112018-04-20T12:46:09+00:00

Great night at #tassebier

Just two days after an excellent (but tiring) #podcrawl in London, I was fortunate enough to have another netaudio meetup in the shape of Berlin’s #tassebier meet ups. Started by Peter Withoutfield from BlogRebellen and organized through twitter this is a regular, informal meetup of bloggers, netlabelists, podcasters, musicians, promoters and other creative music people.

Listen out for some audio I recorded at both #podcrawl and #tassebier in next Saturday’s PCP (PCP#352 to be precise). There’s also a video interview recorded by Peter, of myself and Volker Tripp from the Id.EOLOGY netlabel, which will probably come out soon.

Very interesting ideas shared, especially about “#tassebier deluxe” which has bands and DJs playing.  “#podcrawl deluxe” sounds like a great idea for the UK……!

Great night at #tassebier2018-04-20T12:46:17+00:00

A cup of beer (or two) in Berlin

I’m off again to Berlin next week and I really looking forward to meeting up with some Berlin netlabelists, musicians, podcasters and bloggers at one of their #tassebier (a cup of beer) meet-ups.

It all started with the interview I did in pcp#344 when I talked to Volker and Dub One! from Id.OEOLOGY and I told them I hoped to be back in the city again soon, and it would be good to talk over a beer.

Well that time has come, and Volker has invited a load of his fellow netaudio friends to join in.  It’s even been blogged about on the website by Peter Withoutfield, so if you’re in the area, come and join us:

Time: Monday 23rd May from 8pm
Location: Fire Bar, Krausnickstraße 5, 10115 Berlin Location: Fire Bar, Nick Kraus Strasse 5, 10115 Berlin
Google Places Profile

A cup of beer (or two) in Berlin2018-04-20T12:46:18+00:00

Review of Netaudio London Conference 2011

I attended Netaudio London Conference on Sunday 15th May with my good friend, netlabel owner and musician Vince Millet, from Secret Archives of the Vatican. Vince has written his own blog post on the conference, which I urge you to read, but here are my own observations and musings.

This was my first time at at Netaudio conference, but have attended excellent unconferences, barcamps and panel discussions before, so was looking forward with an open mind, and open ears, to a fascinating discussion. If I was to try and explain my feelings in the language used in the conference it would go something like this….. (ahem)….

“The didactic invective of the panel, produced, in me, a strong sense of anomie. Perhaps I was not attuned to the Marxist zeitgeist, but the the balance between Gemeinschaft and Gesellschaft were clearly at odds with my sub-cultural expectations, leading me to engage in a degree of Schadenfreude.”

In short I didn’t really understand what the panel were talking about, because I don’t speak bollocks.

The day was split into three panels:

  1. Politics, Protest and Sound
  2. Creativity and Collaboration in the Internet Era
  3. Digital Futures and Analogue Survivals

In my view there was only two high-points. In the second panel the high point was Tamara Barnett-Herrin, who explained how she turned her musical “writers block” into a collaborative project, “Calendar Songs”, in which she released one song per month, and then worked with remixers to produce and perform an album in 2008.

In the first panel the high point was Matthew Herbert (keynote) presenting his view of 17 “crises” that the music industry is currently facing, such as technique (for example the overuse of autotune), texture, distribution, listening, philosophy, studios, etc. However the underlying narrative was clearly a Marxist/anti-capitalist agenda, the strength of which I have not heard since I studied sociology in the 1980s, and I thought have died out in the post-Blair era. I should have know better. I was in Camden after all.

As for the other speakers? Well two clearly did not feel they could comfortably “converse” and therefore read their monotonous “essays” verbatim, whilst another spent 30 minutes talking about network hi-fi devices in a presentation that should have take 5 minutes (maximum) to deliver.

Two other presentations talked about the UK Uncut program of actvities and one was from an artist showing her works from as far back as 1965 and had absolutely no relevance to the net or audio.

But it was the underlying Marxist bullshit that got me most annoyed about this event. The blame for all the woes for the music industry was placed firmly at the feet of capitalism, and the cure was anti-capitalism.

Music and musicians have existed long before capitalism was invented, and it’s even easier today to engage in non-capitaist (not anti-capitalist) ventures than it ever has been. Netlabels, where the musician owns the labour and the means of production, are in the ascendance. This is the future of netaudio.

To the organizers of this even I say: 4/10 Must try harder!

Review of Netaudio London Conference 20112018-04-20T12:46:18+00:00

PCP#350 from The Great Escape (Part 3)

Another enjoyable Great Escape Festival for 2011. This time Grumbler and I met up with my daughter, Heather, Peter Clitheroe and Jordan Reyne, for some drinking, gigging and conversation. Here’s who we saw live:

Saturday 14th May 2011

And here are the podcast show notes….

Part Three: Sunday 15th May 2011

This podcast is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 Unported License. 

PCP#350 from The Great Escape (Part 3)2022-09-28T15:22:55+00:00

PCP#350 from The Great Escape (Part 2)

Another enjoyable Great Escape Festival for 2011. This time Grumbler and I met up with my daughter, Heather, Peter Clitheroe and Jordan Reyne, for some drinking, gigging and conversation. Here’s who we saw live:

Friday 13th May 2011

And here are the podcast show notes….

Part Two: Saturday 14th May 2011


This podcast is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 Unported License. 

PCP#350 from The Great Escape (Part 2)2022-09-28T15:22:55+00:00

PCP#350 from The Great Escape (Part 1)

Another enjoyable Great Escape Festival for 2011. This time Grumbler and I met up with my daughter, Heather, Peter Clitheroe and Jordan Reyne, for some drinking, gigging and conversation. Here’s who we saw live:

Thursday 12th May 2011

  • Moss, Amsterdam, Netherlands. [Komedia Studio Bar]
  • Flats, London. [Komedia Upstairs]
  • John Cooper Clarke, Manchester. [Komedia Upstairs]

And here are the podcast show notes….

Part One:  Friday 13th May 2011

This podcast is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 Unported License. 

PCP#350 from The Great Escape (Part 1)2022-09-28T15:22:55+00:00

Bye Bye Myspace

Time to shut down my myspace accounts.  As recent articles have shown I’m not alone in thinking myspace is a deadspace, so time to cleanup the mess. I can’t even remember the last time I logged into one of the accounts, but my last status was sometime in 2007, so that says it all.  Nice kick in the eye for Rupert Murdoch!

Bye Bye Myspace2018-04-20T12:46:20+00:00

Now writing for

I’ve just joined the team writing reviews and articles about netlabels at

My first review is for Mikus’ two albums:  Rememberance Dubs, out on Planet Terror Records and Brass Islands of Dub, out on his own new label, Terra Incognita, which I mentioned here a couple of weeks ago.

Here’s a bio of the ……

Netlabelism is a loose bunch of music-addicted people who love to share the most valuable tunes to be found on the internet for free. We pick up quality music on the web and try to give you an overview of the vast range of netaudio (music).

The music albums and ep being reviewed on Netlabelism havn’t necessarily been licensed under Creative Commons by it’s artists. We also listen and present Non-Creative-Commons tunes; as long as the music is free to people! It’s about music, nothing less, nothing more. We basically review Electronica and its various genres , but we are also open to artists producing non-electronical and unusual stuff.

If you have any questions, comments, suggestions or ideas – don’t hesitate to contact us!


If you have a release that you think I’d like and want to let me know then drop me a line at


Now writing for Netlabelism.com2018-04-20T12:46:22+00:00

Suffolk ‘n’ Cool – 5 years old today!

Much applauding can be heard in the marshes today, as Peter Clitheroe, probably the most eastern podcaster in the UK, celebrates 5 years of his phenominal podcast Suffolk ‘n’ Cool.  Clithers has had some weird and wonderful music and guests on the show over the years (but enough about me!) and if you want to take a walk down memory lane then have a listen to SnC Episode 1.

It’s a little know fact that the reason Messers Clithers and Codger first became friends was because

  • Their initials are both PC
  • They started podcasting within a day of each other
  • They both played a track called Galatasaray, by The Maido Project, in the same week
  • So they met up for a beer (Adnams, naturally) in Southwold (possibly the first ever podcrawl)

…and the rest, as they say, is history.  Although their musical tastes haven’t always run true, Clithers still does manage the occasional “first play” of a track Codger had lined up for a future show!  Oh dear, dear, dear….

If you have a glass of Adnams nearby, please join me, raise it and salute our friend of around 1.9m and a cheery wave!  Happy Birthday SNC

Suffolk ‘n’ Cool – 5 years old today!2018-04-20T12:46:26+00:00

T minus 5, all systems are GO

It’s the start of another working week, but only 5 more days to go to the relaunch of PCP.  The most eagerly awaited podcast since the last one.  Will YOU remember what you were doing on 5th February 2011?

T minus 5, all systems are GO2018-04-20T12:46:26+00:00

T-6, it’s birthday time!

It’s T minus six days to the relaunch of PCP, but it’s also our 5th birthday. Everyone at Podcasting House is enjoying the celebrations!

If you still want to listen to listen to PCP#1 then it’s still there for your entertainment.  However be warned!  Codger was not an “award winning” podcaster in January 2006!

T-6, it’s birthday time!2018-04-20T12:46:26+00:00

T-7 Tapes Rolling

The fat controller has thrown the switches on the recording devices ready for the PCP relaunch. Now all we have to do is wait for the valves to warm up and the tape heads to settle.  You can hear a pin drop it’s so exciting!

T-7 Tapes Rolling2018-04-20T12:46:27+00:00

T minus 9 for PCP relaunch

Things are hotting up here at Mission Control with only 9 days to relaunch PCP with new music and new features.

T minus 9 for PCP relaunch2018-04-20T12:46:27+00:00

10 days to PCP relaunch

Not long to wait for the relaunch of PCP.  Tune your iTunes to PCP on saturday 5th Febuary to hear some great new music & some conversation!

10 days to PCP relaunch2018-04-20T12:46:27+00:00

Free Dub at the Ark!

If you like what I play on The Dub Zone then get yourself down to The Dub Ark and sign up for free membership. You can access great free downloads, take part yourself and keep in touch with the real movers and shakers in the worldwide online reggae community!  Do it now!

Free Dub at the Ark!2018-04-20T12:46:27+00:00

Time Lapse Berlin

Some fine time-lapse photography and a cool soundtrack. Berlin in the wintertime!

Time Lapse Berlin2016-10-14T09:28:16+00:00

People Get Ready – for BDR Dancefloor –

I’m eagerly awaiting the first release from new record label BDR DancefloorBDR Dancefloor is a new sister label to Broken Drum Records.and will be releasing some excellent trance, house and breakbeat tunes in the first half of 2011.

If you head there now you’ll hear some of the AudioBoos from those nice Secret Archives of the Vatican chaps from the Cronx who are behind it all.

People Get Ready – for BDR Dancefloor –2018-04-20T12:46:28+00:00


I (and I suspect you, dear reader) will be keeping an eye on twitter over the next few days regarding the claim that the US government has subpoenaed the social networking site for personal details of people connected to Wikileaks.  Quite honestly, if they hand over the data to the US authorities, then that’s the end of the social media “experiment”.

I’m sick of hearing that it’s “good” to hear of the tyrrany in places like Iran and Korea via twitter.  Well it works both ways Mr President!  You don’t need to know all about me.  All you need to know is I support  Wikileaks. Remember – I know where you live

Here’s the BBC report… Make up your own mind.


Looking For Inspiration?

Still struggling with New Year inspiration? seems to have all the inspirational messages I need at the moment, and seem to be available as T-Shirts.  This Social Networking Venn Diagram above seems to describe modern life perfectly!

ps. Note to self:  get myself a foursquare account!

Looking For Inspiration?2018-04-20T12:46:28+00:00

42 Pints?

National Blood Service - Do Something Amazing - Give Blood

I’ve just given my 42nd blood donation. That’s a lot more than an armful and definitely something to reflect on amongst the meanings of life.  It took 15 minutes of my time and I had a pre-booked appointment, so didn’t waste any time queuing or messing about – just in, out and bish-bash-bosh…. and I may have saved someone’s life.

I can’t say I like the whole process much, and I try never to pay too much attention to what is actually happening, but I fugure what’s 15 minutes of my time when there are people that could actully be saved from dying as a result. It’s not much to ask is it?

Go on…. be amazing like me.

ps. They also have some very nice coffe and biscuits afterwards. What are you waiting for?

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European Personality Podcast for 2010

Blimey! It seems I have won the overall European Podcast 2010 for the “Personality” Podcast.  Checkout the video above, when I’m described as “old school”.  Well…. I suppose I am very old!

Thanks again to everyone who voted for me. It’s a great honour.

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Back to work blues….

The office is resounding with deep sighs and wistful looks into the distance as me and my colleagues return to work today.  Returning after a summer vacation is usually a personal experience as everyone tends to take different days off at different times, but the Christmas/New Year vacation always seems to be a group illness.  It’s still dark when you get up, dark again before you go home, it’s tool cold and those damn problems at work have not gone away.

Will it be gone tomorrow? I bloody hope so.

p.s. Note to Self:  Go to Travel Agents at the weekend and think about booking next vacation!

Back to work blues….2018-04-20T12:46:34+00:00
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