PCP#824… Later 2023 with Pete Cogle

Later 2023 with Pete Cogle….with tracks by… Currls, Derya Yildirim and Grup Simsek, Breanna Barbara, Hutch, Gasper Nali, Milo Korbenski, Helen Ganya, Canned Pineapple, Gitkin, Liz Ikamba, Gift, Yumi And The Weather, Girl and Girl, Cat Ryan, Glass Beams, W.I.T.C.H, Electric Cowboy Club, Japanese Television, Trip Westerns

  1. Currls – Honey [Bandcamp]
  2. Derya Yildirim and Grup Simsek – Darildim Darildim [Bandcamp]
  3. Breanna Barbara – Landslide [Bandcamp]
  4. Hutch – Mechanical Bull [Bandcamp]
  5. Gasper Nali – Abale Ndikuwuzeni [Bandcamp]
  6. Milo Korbenski – Home Time (feat. Helen Ganya) [Bandcamp]
  7. Canned Pineapple – She’s Got A Car [Bandcamp]
  8. Gitkin – Grand Street Feast [Bandcamp]
  9. Liz Ikamba – Mama [Soundcloud]
  10. Gift – Gumball Garden [Bandcamp]
  11. Yumi And The Weather – Lead Me Through Hell [Bandcamp]
  12. Girl and Girl – Dance Now [Dust]
  13. Cat Ryan – Mannerism [Bandcamp]
  14. Glass Beams – Taurus [Bandcamp]
  15. W.I.T.C.H – Waile [Bandcamp]
  16. Electric Cowboy Club – Ran a Red Light [YouTube]
  17. Japanese Television – Tick Tock [Bandcamp]
  18. Trip Westerns – Blame Charlie [Bandcamp]

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PCP#790… Experiments With Magic Potions…

Experiments With Magic Potions… with tracks by…Deadpeach, Goat, Subatomic Sound, Lee Scratch Perry, Screechy Dan, Fields Ohio, Japanese Television, Ástþór Örn,  Inna Baba, The Wandering Off, Psychadelik Pedestrian, Mark Wonder, Pennine Suite, Windows, Janax Pacha

  1. Deadpeach – Magic Potion [Muso Soup]
  2. Goat – Under No Nation [Bandcamp]
  3. Subatomic Sound, Lee Scratch Perry and Screechy Dan – Dub Organizer [RDX Promo]
  4. Fields Ohio – Codex Regius [Bandcamp]
  5. Japanese Television – Tick Tock [Bandcamp]
  6. Ástþór Örn – Gunslinger [Post-Dreifing]
  7. Inna Baba – Allah Hokkou Djam [StoryAmp]
  8. The Wandering Off – Hey There [Muso Soup]
  9. Psychadelik Pedestrian – Relay [Toucan Music]
  10. Mark Wonder – African People [Explorations In Dub]
  11. Pennine Suite – MOWO (My Own Way Out) [Puffer Fish Press]
  12. Windows – High Sierra Lows [Muso Soup]
  13. Janax Pacha – Kukul Balam (Hajna Remix) [Bandcamp]

This podcast is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International (CC-NT-NC-ND 4.0) License 

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PCP#779… Asparagus…

Asparagus….with tracks by… Gatien, Suzanne Belaubre, Hutch, Japanese Television, Hayvanlar Alemi, Reggaddiction, M(h)aol, Sprints, Thus Love, Asep Nayak, Flange Circus, Arky Starch, Mambo Melon, Räksmugglar’n

  1. Gatien – Une longue journée de travail (A Long Day At Work) (feat.Suzanne Belaubre) [La Souterraine]
  2. Hutch – Potted Plants [Bandcamp]
  3. Japanese Television – Ghoul Rules [Bandcamp]
  4. Hayvanlar Alemi – Kuskonmaz MMXVII (Asparagus 2017) [Bandcamp]
  5. Reggaddiction – Heart of Gold (feat. Ammoye) [RDX Promo]
  6. M(h)aol – No One Ever Talks To Us [Bandcamp]
  7. Sprints – Modern Job (Live) [BBC Sounds]
  8. Thus Love – Repetitioner [Bandcamp]
  9. Asep Nayak – Luk Lak Wamena Nen [Yes No Wave]
  10. Flange Circus – Three Foot Tall and Hairy [Puffer Fish Press]
  11. Arky Starch – War Cry
  12. Mambo Melon – The Cricket [Edisonbox Records]
  13. Räksmugglar’n – Sluta tyka dig börja tråla (Stop Pretending, Start Trawling) [Basspistol]

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PCP#779… Asparagus…2023-02-16T15:09:08+00:00
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