Hi Folks,

I’ve moved the podcast feed from https://www.clickcaster.com/pcpodcast to https://pcpodcast.podshow.com.

What does this mean?

  • If you go to https://www.clickcaster.com/pcpodcast to play the show in your browser then you’ll not be able to pick up the shows after today. If you want to continue playing the show in your browser then head on over to https://pcpodcast.podshow.com.
  • If you use iTunes, Juice or some other podcatcher and use the RSS feed https://feeds.feedburner.com/pcpodcast then you should not need to do anything. The new shows will arrive as normal.
  • The show will continue as normal. It’s still free, there will be no changes to the content and you’ll still be able to hear the music I love to play for you.

So why did I change?

  • To take advantage of the partnership podshow.com has setup with British Telecom (BT) which will mean PC Podcast gets more marketing effort and will be available through other channels in the future.
  • To get a small amount of revenue to cover running costs, by airing endorcements and/or advertisements in the future.

Thanks to all the staff at clickcaster.com for being so helpful and responsive during my first 9 months of podcasting. I would encourage anyone who wants to give podcasting a try, to get and account and try it out at https://www.clickcaster.com. It’s really easy and great fun.

If you have any problems with receiving the show then please email me at pete.cogle@gmail.com and I’ll try and figure out what’s wrong. I want this to be as stress-free a change for you, the listener, as possible.