I’ve just calculated the downloads for all my podcasts for 2009.  It’s over 230,000, which is excellent. It means that more people have heard more of the great artists I have the pleasure of playing and promoting on the show.

When I started podcasting in January 2006 I really didn’t think I’d be still at it today. I didn’t think there was enough great music out there to keep me interested. How I was wrong. There are now more netlabels than ever and more great music released every day.

So, if you’re an artist that I’ve played in the last 4 years, thank you for allowing me to play your music. If you’re a listener, thank you for downloading and (hopefully) enjoying what you hear. Here’s to 2010 being ther best year ever for netlabels, artists, podcasters and listeners everywhere!

ps. I keep all the monthly data here if you’re interested in numbers!