Around 2009 an artist named Esa A.K.A. El Presidente (A member of the Milan based Funk Ya Momma Crew) started work with Tha Silent Partner.  After a while they lost touch, and the project was locked away in a vault. Now, thanks to Blocsonic Records, TSP has made the “lost album” available to the world.

Based primarily on tracks from film soundtracks the album has that lovely 60’s retro feel that reminds you of cigarettes, sharp suits and very cool, mafia connected glitterati.

“Cops (Part 1)” hits with some crisp heavy beats, sounding more like New York than Italy. This contrasts completely with “Holloween” which is a more subtle piece led by a couple of 60’s downtempo “italian” samples.

“Thinkinboutyou” uses a glitzy 60’s film soundtrack as it’s base and could easily be used for a cheesy remake.  “No Sleep Till TSP” uses a broken vocal sample in a very simple way, leading into “Cinema”, which sounds like it’s been lifted from a classical piece used for a soundtrack.

“Cops (Part2)” is uses harpsichord to give that classic 60’s movie feel.  Imagine Michael Caine in Milan getting into a Mini.

OK, this is an unfinished album, but it’s a nice piece of work and something I think you’ll like.

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