With Tracks by… L Bone, Man Mantis, Secondhead, Chinese Man, Tony Mahoney, Fort Minor, MoShang, Aniteck, Deeb.

  1. Diamanten, by LBone. Rottenburg am Neckar, Germany. [Jamendo]
  2. Cities Without Houses, by Man Mantis. Madison, Wisconsin, USA. [Bandcamp]
  3. Dubjazz, by Secondhead. Prague, Czech Republic. [Jamendo]
  4. Down, by Chinese Man. France. [Chinese Man Records]
  5. Delusions, by Tony Mahoney . UK. [Dusted Wax]
  6. Remember The Name, by Fort Minor (MoShang Chinese Chill Mix). Taiwan. [Asian Variations]
  7. Destination, by Anitek. Morristown, USA. [Jamendo]
  8. Bilady, by Deeb (prod. by Arketekt). Egypt. [Bandcamp]

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