Like many podcasters and listeners to eclectic music genres, the late John Peel (pbuh) is hailed as the champion of musicians and true music lovers everywhere. Without him many great bands would never have been formed, never have been heard, and never would have become successul. Without him I would not had the audacity to start a podcast, be the person I am, and have the friends I have today.  Although not everyone liked everything he played there’s always something out there that made it to everyone’s ears because of John.  His passing is still mourned, 7 years after he left us.

Now, in his beloved suffolk town, Stowmarket, there is a new venture that bears his name, and provides a way of keeping his legacy alive.  The John Peel Centre for Creative Arts is based in the old Corn Exchange, built in 1872. The building has been semi derelict for many years, but now it’s being re-imagined as a venue for the community, providing space for concerts, exhibitions, practice and workshop space along with a cafe & bar.

It’s also hoped that the centre will also be able to house John’s impressive, priceless and totally unequaled record collection, and make it available to the public. Imagine being able to pick up some Vinyl handled by the man himself and have the equisite please of being able to play it for yourself:  maybe even play it at the wrong speeed!

John’s widow, Sheila, is patron of the centre, and she is hoping that some grants may become available to help with the project. However, will all grants there are strings attached, and the Centre needs to raise £25,000 on it’s own by Christmas.  My wife and kids have been asking what I want for Christmas. Now I know. A donation to this centre will be more valuable than more socks, jumpers or a bottle of sweet sherry.

If you can donate this Christmas, please give what you can at Angelshares.

Here’s a video about the project: