Living Fast… with tracks by… Wreck ,Rio Hemopo, Sabira Jade, DJ Vadim, Got A Girl, Million Isaac Junior, Fed, Gigi and El, Code Therapy, Erin and Her Cello, Gemini, Michel Sajrawy, Tom The Lion, Zvuloon Dub System, Dandy Gilang, Walt Thisney.

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  1. Tanpatuan, by Wreck. Bandung, Indonesia. [YesNoWave]
  2. Hope (feat. Rio Hemopo & Sabira Jade), by DJ Vadim. St Petersburg/London/New York [Loop Recordings]
  3. Did We Live Too Fast, by Got A Girl. France. [Viaduct Promotions]
  4. Thikukulola, by Million Isaac Junior. Mozambique. [StoryAmp]
  5. Shadow, by Fed. Belarus. [Sociopath]
  6. Undress, by Gigi and El. Atlanta, USA. [StoryAmp]
  7. Keep Running, by Code Therapy. Lisbon, Portugal. [Digital Diamonds]
  8. The Doctor, by Erin and Her Cello. New York, USA. [StoryAmp]
  9. (Que) Sera, by Gemini. Manchester, England. [Broken Bubble]
  10. Batumi, by Michel Sajrawy. Palestine. [StoryAmp]
  11. Silent Partner, by Tom The Lion. London, England. [Viaduct Promotions]
  12. Yehoden Aweteche Lengeresh, by Zvuloon Dub System. Israel. [StoryAmp]
  13. Save Yourself First, by Dandy Gilang. Malang, Indonesia. [YesNoWave]
  14. Entropia, by Walt Thisney. Lisbon, Portugal. [Enough]

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